Patricia Cota Robles

Your Light Is Needed NOW!

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

It is difficult to fathom with our finite minds the magnitude of the opportunity that is being presented to Humanity at this time. This summer we have experienced several events that have resulted in the greatest influx of Light the Earth has ever been able to withstand. These events involved celestial alignments, as well as the unified efforts of embodied Lightworkers and the entire Company of Heaven.

Now it is up to you and me to fulfill the next step of the Divine Plan. This is something we have been trained to accomplish for aeons of time. Know that you have all of the skill, strength, courage, and ability you need to succeed God Victoriously. All that is necessary now is your WILLINGNESS to invoke the Light of God andto be the Open Door through which that Light will flow to transmute the negativity that is being pushed to the surface to be healed.

We are One with ALL Life. There is NO separation. Every facet of Life on Earth is interconnected, interdependent, and interrelated. Consequently, we cannot just say cancel, cancel and eliminate the past. Instead we need to invoke the Light of God and transmute the distorted, human miscreations that are manifesting nowas Humanity’s pain and suffering.

What is occurring this very moment is that the Light of God is increasing on Earth in unprecedented ways. This Light is entering the core of purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth. This is causing everything that conflicts with God’s Light to be pushed to the surface, so that it can be healed and transmuted back into its original perfection. From outer appearances this process looks like things are getting worse, but nothing could be further from the Truth.

We can easily see the negativity that is being pushed to the surface. All we have to do is watch the news or observe the challenging things taking place in our own lives or in the lives of people all over the world. What we do not see as easily is the incredible Light that is pushing the negativity to the surface to be healed.Transmuting this surfacing negativity, before it overwhelms the planet, is by far the greatest need of the hourThis, Precious Hearts, is the next phase of the unfolding Divine Plan.

We are being asked by the Company of Heaven to use the building momentum of the 22nd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence to quickly purge the planet of the surfacing negativity. The Divine Intent of this activity of Light is to clear the way for the tangible manifestation of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.Twenty-two is the master number that reflects power on all planes and the ability to change the course of historyThis is our moment! With perfect synchronicityand in Divine Timingall is in readiness.

During the week of August 15-20, 2009, Lightworkers will be gathered within the portal of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation in Tucson, Arizona. The vehicle for this gathering is the 23rd Annual World Congress on Illumination. These selfless Lightworkers will be joined in consciousness by hundreds of thousands of willing people, like you, all over the worldTogether we will form a mighty transformer through which the most powerful Healing Light available to Humanity will flow to quickly purge and transmute the surfacing negativity.

This is a global activity of Light, and we will all be in our right and perfect place. If you are not able to be physically present with us at the 23rd Annual World Congress on Illuminationknow that we are One, and that you can add your precious Light to this facet of the Divine Plan no matter where you are.

the World Congress On Illumination unfolds each day, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth guide us step by step through the various facets of the unfolding Divine Plan. For this reason, we do not have a lot of information about the specific Divine Ceremonies in advance. I encourage you to listen to your heart, and KNOW that you too will be guided through each day by your I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven. Stay focused in THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW, and know that whenever you are able to join in consciousness with us will be right and perfect. It does not matter if you are joining with us at the exact same time that we are in our sessions. When we are focused in the Eternal Moment of Now, we are joined together in perfect synchronicity.

The momentum of Light will build from the opening ceremonies on August 15th through the closing ceremonies on August 20th. Your Divine Intention is what mattersKnow that if you intend to be the most powerful force of Light you are capable of being during this miraculous facet of the Divine Planyou will be. Trust yourself!

Thank you for your heartfelt desire to assist Humanity and this precious planetYour Light and Love are needed and gratefully accepted by Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her.

One of the most important things for us to comprehend at this time is that the activities of Light that have taken place this summer have GREATLY EMPOWERED OUR CREATIVE FACULTIES OF THOUGHT AND FEELING.

This means that whatever we are focusing our attention on is being greatly amplified and empowered. It is critical that we hold our attention on what we want to cocreate, not what we do not want.

During this Cosmic Moment, our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God are sounding a Fiat throughout the Universe for Humanity:


The following is an invocation that has been given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth to assist us with this facet of the Divine Plan.


On behalf of myself and ALL Humanity, I AM invoking the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame of Infinite Transmutation. I AM projecting this Sacred Fire through every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth that is vibrating at a frequency less than the harmony and balance of God.

Through the Beloved Presence of God, I AM, blazing in every Heart Flame, I invoke Beloved Saint Germain and ALL of the Legions of Light throughout infinity who are associated with the new 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Transmutation.

Blessed Ones, I invoke the most intensified activity of this Violet Flame that Cosmic Law will allow for myself, my Loved Ones, and ALL Humanity.

Beloved I AM, blaze, blaze, blaze the full momentum of this Sacred Violet Fire in, through, and around every electron of precious Life energy Humanity has ever misqualified in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown. Instantly transmute these patterns of imperfection cause, core, effect, record, and memory into God’s Infinite Perfection.

Beloved I AM, blaze the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame through every thought, word, action, and feeling Humanity has ever expressed that reflects anything less than the Immaculate Concept of our full Divine Potential.

Beloved I AM, look into my life and the lives of ALL Humanity and see what yet remains to be balanced by us to any person, place, condition, or thing we may have wronged at any time, in any way, for any reason whatsoever.

Beloved I AM, reach your great loving hands of Light into all of the positively qualified energy we have released throughout our Earthly sojourns, and draw forth a thousand times as much perfection as we have ever done wrong.

Fashion from this substance of perfection a Gift of Divine Love, whatever is necessary to balance every debt we have created which still remains unpaid to any part of Life.

Beloved I AM, I ask you to forgive every person, place, condition or thing which may have wronged me or Humanity in any way, and balance all debts owed to us by Life everywhere.

I accept this God Victoriously accomplished right here and right now through the Power of God I AM.   And so it is.   (end)

Dear One, I deeply appreciate YOU and your willingness to add to the Light of the world during this vitally important facet of the Divine Plan.

Remember, the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious, and WE are that Light.

Victory is ours! Victory is ours! Victory is ours!

God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

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©2009 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

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***Call to Action!
Let’s Establish:
‘Peace and Forgiveness of All Day’
–on Earth–Nov. 11, 2009 =   (11-11-11)
(Note from Russ Michaelthe ‘game plan’ is to create a Peace and Forgiveness of All Day.” The below “Call to Action” was posted to many thousands of Lightworkers in my Aug. 3, 2009 ‘Michael Worldwide Newsletter’ edition – first ‘picked up’ and re-posted by swift action of Lightworker Caroline Dawley in her wonderful daily Pathway of Peace Global Messenger! Bless dear Caroline’s caring, sharing heart….

As our Archangels and Ascended Masters of Earth have revealed, the vibratory frequency of Gaia, our living Earth planet, and all life on Earth has now reached  a required high ‘end times” pitch and THUS NOW‘collective human INTENT’ immediately AND IMMENSELY calls ‘quantum physics’ into play! Miracles, instant manifestations, instant healings, and seeming magical collapses oftime, space and motion will become more and more humanly common, public and self evident.
I assure you that any collectively created human INTENT has a power that transcends the proven laws of 3-D Newtonian physics of relative time, space and motion. We are each and all of us now here embodied in human form on Earth with both an individual and a collective group soul purpose. We are all unitedly here now to help usher in the final Golden Age upon Earth…
Spirit is again urging me post this “Call for Action” for the collective support of your self, and any newly awakened–or awakening–Lightworker, drawn by the Law of Attraction, to be aware of this “call to action” to declare–and set up–Nov. 11, 2009, as the initialand an ongoing annual official “Peace and Forgiveness of All” Day in our USA and eventually in every nation upon our Earth…
So what are we ‘waiting’ for?  We have waited long enough! It is time to declare out collective intent for Peace on Earth!
Think it through. Choosing a Peace and Forgiveness of All Day“–a starting date, a relative time in 3-D in which we collectively support the great multiple power of our mighty human INTENT–is a wise course of positive human action…Nov. 11, 2009…is an intuitively selected perfect date for it!
Many of the Archangels and Ascended Masters have declared that “peace” is the most important factor in bringing “a close” to our last human dark cycle of duality on Earth. On that imminent destined day when we secure our Peace on Earth you can be assured that our loving Galactic Neighbors and galactic “Star Nations” sisters and brothers will establish a swift personal contact and a peacefulmass appearance date with all the key governments of Earth, and in due time, with each and all of us on Earth.
For those of us who are awake, ready and willing, our individual and mass physical body and Being Ascensionwithout experiencing physical body death–is assured!
Remember, if it is just you and me alone, As Jesus the Christ Consciousness Master we know and love dearly said–“when two or more are gathered together in My Name”–we have His promise of us then creating an immense power of manifestation, so let’s you and I begin!  Let us now begin–you and I–let us set the date of Nov, 11, 2009 as the first agreed ‘collective’ conscious human INTENT of a “Peace and Forgiveness of All Day” be established.  Let those beloved others who join us–who the ever present  Law of Attraction “calls to action’–respond in their own right and in their own chosen time.  So be it!
If you and I send this message to our email lists, and we ask others to do the same, and we talk to our loved ones and friends, asking them to do the same–spreading ‘the word”– that this vitally important Peace and Forgiveness of All Day ‘movement’ will have now effectively begun. it is!
Perhaps we can soon convince an already stable and respected existing Lightworker website to ‘host’ and spread this movement worldwide via the Internet–“in a flash.”
Are you with me on this? Let’s do it. Let’s have fun, companionship, forgiveness of all…and peace on Earth!
It’s about time! If so, let me know.  What are your ideas or plans?  Do you know an individual or a group of Lightworkers, or women and men of a good heart, or a head of a Lightworker Organization you can sent this urgent “call to action” message to?
All is well. Bless us all.  We are One. Be at peace, now.
I am Russ Michael. – –

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Insights from Metatron

This is an excerpt from

Metatron is answering questions about Time Travel, The Past and the Future.

He says that The Past is Not Fixed

The past and future as you ‘believe it to be’ exists as a series of electromagnetic receptors held in the crystalline portion of the physical brain and in the non-physical mind within the ultra-violet field. These electromagnetic codelings can be changed, and in fact are in constant flux.

You script your destiny, and your destiny is not a linear one way dynamic. Your creation of your past is just as important as the creation of your present and future. The past then, is quite malleable and no more fixed than your future.

Now, your mental process and beliefs create your past, and there are as many valid versions of the past as there are of the future. We tell you that if the next generation were all to be taught from an early age that the Roman Empire ruled the world until the 17th century, indeed that past would become a reality, and evidence would be found to confirm it. Yet it would be a completely different past from which the older generation constructed. But BOTH would be true. Both would be separate yet valid files within the hologramic programs of time. As humans in duality, you take it for granted that present action can change the future, but present actions can and do change the past as well. The past is no more detached or uninvolved from your present than the decisions you make today.

We share a great truth for you to ponder, and that is that everything you do effects your past, and you can accordingly remove what you may term traumas and mis-actions that occurred years ago or lifetimes ago from your present stance. Furthermore, all of you are required to do so!

The electromagnetic crystallographic portals within the human brain are forged and mantled totally and completely by each of you, and uniquely so. The probable past can be changed, and such changes are far from uncommon. These changes happen spontaneously on a subconscious basis. You can now learn to do this consciously. The linear aspect of the past is rarely what you remember it to be. In fact you constantly rearrange your memory of the past with the experience of each new moment, each new occurrence. It is a constant metamorphosis from the instant of any given experiential event.

Your hypno-therapists are aware that pseudo-memories of fictious or altered past events can be implanted in the minds of humans through deep state inducement, and in a very real sense these memories and the way they effect the subjects present become quite real. So, it follows to reason that the future, present and past are always re-created by each individual as beliefs, attitudes and associations evolve and change. And take note that what occurs is a real-time actual recreation, not a metaphoric one. The changes you make are quite real.

The small inner child is indeed still within the adult human as you progress in years. But that inner child is also dynamic, not molded into a permanent version that remains as it was. The child within the human constantly changes every day, as does the teenager, young adult and elderly you in your future.

Re-Scripting the Past

Accordingly, it is now incumbent on you as you enter the Ascension energies, to grasp the power of NOW, and realize that you can and must change the past, your individual past, from the stance of Now. Within the NOW, you can Merkabically convert to the MerKiVa and as such gain the controls of all within our multi-dimensionality. That is a sacred Universal Truth, and that Truth expands when you enter into it. It expands into power that allows you the fulcrum of co-creation in the singular moment of NOW, above linear time and hologramic sojourns within time in the Omni-Earth.

We tell you that personal issues and blockages can and do arise when appropriate evolvement of the past are stymied and not allowed to spontaneously take place. In some scenarios serious neurosis occurs precisely because an individual has not changed his or her past. As an example, the channel has some close associates who at times sense a great panic of claustrophobia and paranoia in large crowds. He is aware that this is due to the associates having a traumatic past life bleed – thru of escaping the chaotic rampage of Athens with children in hand hours before the invading Turks destroyed the city.

Literally leaving all behind and running in terror for their lives, with children in tow. Now we tell you that many of the souls that were drawn into this experience in Athens, were pulled into the re-enactment because the trauma they felt when desperately attempting to escape the shaking earth of Atlantis along the land bridge that connected to the Yucatan created such an electrical charge in their multi-dimensional self that it became a recurring energy. Such is the power of extreme emotion and fear. The Law of Attraction works in all of your Earthly sojourns.

Any event can bleed over into another, and attract by its intensity, similar experience. This is a perfect example of past life trauma occurring and osmotically effecting the present in the simultaneous NOW. If that probable past is faced and deliberately changed, it can and will eliminate the panic disorder and the resulting neurosis. It does so by changing the past.

When you rescript your past and change the experience of the past, the fear behind it is eliminated. It is as if the trauma never occured, and that is exactly what happens. This is but one example. So irregardless of the specific details, all of you have traumas in the past that can and will be altered in order for you to gain the perfection required in enlightened co-creation. Do not be dismayed, this is quite do-able, and in a subconscious level you have done it many times in dream state.

We assure you it can consciously be done in the Merkiva within the NOW. And precisely because the past, present and future exist simultaneously, there is no reason why you cannot react to an event and alter it whether or not it happens to fall within the limited scope of reality in which you normally participate. You have the ability to remove trauma from the past at anytime, and from an over view that is the completing portion of the lesson of why you chose the experience in the first place.

Time – Dimensional Portals

Now, the LeMurians who escaped the islands of Mu going into the inner realms of the Earth did not simply do so by spelunking. They did not suddenly finding a cave and venture deeper and deeper into it until they stumbled upon a vast inner world chasm. Rather they entered into a different program of the Omni Earth precisely by gathering in a Dimensional-Time Gate coordinate portal and raising their frequency through intent and self-mastery in order to shift into another hologram. This process was also followed in a far more scientific protocol and technique by the Atlanteans of the Golden Era, and for different purpose.

The LeMurians relied primarily on natural time gate vectors, whereas the Atlanteans had sophisticated devices and crystals that created time gates. Yet both required Mastery of the Self to raise the vibratory level to different frequencies. Many humans have experienced the dimensional gate aspects of Shasta and the Grand Tetons, and have read of Guy Ballard’s (Founder of the IAM Movement) exploits with the

Beloved Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters in the Etheric Light Cities above and inside these mountains. Although in truth, these light cities are neither above nor below in a directional sense, rather separate programs occurring in the same spaceless space, and accessed by Dimensional-Portals anchored to the specific energy matrix of these locations. These areas, these etheric light cities are very key coding points on your planet. All of you will at some point spend time within them. Consider them graduate schools. There access involves the same mechanism as time gates. Well to visit these areas and exercise consciously what you already know how to do in subconscious dream states. Indeed you visit these areas quite often in dream states.


The ability to become unfixed in time, and indeed navigate within it, has a succinct utility that serves the integral healing of the whole self within multi-dimensionality. Certain areas on your planet make accessing the time holograms and multi-dimensional aspects somewhat easier.

Grimes Point, Grand Tetons, Arkansas and Mount Shasta are among the most potent of these. This is due to the frequencial energies that are exuded within these portals. Yet it can be achieved Merkivically at any point. No event is ‘written in stone’ nor predestined. Any given event can be changed not only before and during but after its occurrence. Scripting your future and changing the past remains one of the final challenges for many of you, and no time is more potent than NOW.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. And so it is.

(I wish my twin would contact me here to set up conversation with me to heal the both of us) this is from the channeller. See the whole conversation with Metatron on

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