Creating Confidence

NLP Technique for Confidence # 1: Groove to the Music.

Music has always been a vital part of life. Whether you’re into country music, rock, pop ballads or nature instrumentals, music more or less has an influence over the way you feel.

One of the NLP methods for boosting self-esteem involves associating a particular song with the feeling of confidence. There must be some song that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world!

Coincidentally, one of my no-fail feel good songs is “Eye of the Tiger.” Whenever I feel uneasy, I simply hum this tune or sing the lyrics in my mind and I feel like I can do anything. Go through your playlist right now and see which song makes you feel like a superstar!

NLP Technique for Confidence # 2: Pull the Trigger.

Here’s a powerful visualization exercise you might want to try when you’re alone. Find yourself a quiet spot and a comfortable position. Next, close your eyes and practice your breathing exercises. Inhale. Exhale. Do this until you’ve reached a peaceful state of mind.

Then, open your eyes and visualize a mirror in front of you. In the mirror is another version of yourself – a successful and self-confident you. Branch out a little bit more and explore how this new version acts. How does he or she walk? How does he or she communicate with others?

Put yourself in his or her shoes and feel just as confident as the person in the mirror. When you feel their strength flowing through you, press your thumb and your index finger together assign it a codename. It can be something as simple as self-confidence or inner strength. From then on, that will be your trigger. Repeat this exercise several times to make your trigger more powerful.

NLP Technique for Confidence # 3: Make Daily Affirmations.

Everyday is an opportunity for you to be more self-confident. So start your day by making daily affirmations. Find time to meditate in the morning and remind yourself of all your good points.

Tell yourself repeatedly that you are a self-confident person and that you hold in your hand the power to do whatever you want. As you’re saying the affirmation, think and feel as you would if you’re already the confident person you aspire to be. As you affirm it day after day, you’ll soon find your self-esteem soaring to the roof!

NLP techniques for confidence are here to help you bring out the best in you. So take advantage of this knowledge and use it to achieve greatness.

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Michael Roads

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Protection against Mobile Masts

*If you would like to measure the EMF in your
home you can hire a gaussometer for about £70 for
a week to determine the exact levels of
electromagnetic smog in your home- type in guass
meters for hire in google.

*There are fabrics you can get online which help
with conductivity, shielding &  ESD protection

*Invest in Himalayan salt crystal lamps which
emit negative ions to counteract the positive
ions emitted by gadgets in your home. Its advised
to place one in each room where there are TVs,
laptops & desktop computers.

*Keep TVs, laptops & mobiles out your bedroom at
night to give your body a chance for more
regenerative sleep.

*Crystals such as Sodalite, Black Tourmaline,
Lepidolite & Amazonite placed around the home
help absorb & neutralise EMF.


Camera trick?

DNA Rupture

Damaging Our DNA

Crotch Bomber Kicks Off Massive DNA Destruction

J. Speer-Williams

January 7, 2010

Metaphysicians tell us that an individual’s DNA composition approximates one’s consciousness, and vice versa: One’s consciousness determines one’s DNA structure. Attack one, you attack the other. Improve one and you Improve the other.

Mainstream Doctors Fritz-Albert Popp and Bruce Lipton both tell us that Our DNA appears to be the vital link between our physicality and spirituality.

Dr. Popp, founder of the International Institute of Biophysics, at Neuss, Germany, and Dr. Lipton, of the University of Wisconsin, both confirm that modern science now realizes and recognizes that our DNA structures directly reflect our consciousness, making it possible for us to wilfully activate what science formerly called “junk” DNA, by increasing our individual consciousnesses.

By activating dormant DNA, one would likely be able to perceive life beyond their five physical senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell; and one’s world of spiritual intuition, discernment, judgement, and wisdom begin to develop.

The more we learn about the negative intentions of the dark forces of our world, the more we wake up spiritually, and the more our “junk” DNAactivates, if we are not overcome with negativity and fear ourselves. Fearblocks any possible expansion of consciousness, which explains the constant fear-mongering promoted by the International Monetary/Banking Cartel’s corporate media, resulting in the severe stunting of our universa lconsciousness.

The Cartel’s silent, soft-kill weapons of mass DNA destruction are all around us. Depleting uranium, chemtrails, street and pharmaceutical drugs,vaccines, genetically modified foods, fluorides, aspartames, psychotropics,and now naked body scanners are used against us for a very basic reason- To keep us from waking up to their crimes by damaging our DNAs.

The Cartel’s latest cloaked attack against mankind are their so-called Backscatter X-ray Machines, that expose the naked bodies of children,Women and men at busy airport security portals; all based on the flimsy ploy of simply one “crotch bomber” at Christmas time of ’09 in Detroit. Now suddenly, these Backscatter machines will be showing up at over 125 US airports.

These virtual strip searches, in addition to damaging our DNAs, will be setting the stage for the expansion of our world-wide cancer epidemic. Any amount of radiation is dangerous, as it is cumulative, and poses a serious threat to all living cells through which it passes, leaving behind a trail of destruction and genetic mutations.

The Backscatter doesn’t actually emit X-rays, but little tested T-rays, or THz waves (terahertz waves), which is radiation that is positioned between microwaves and infrared rays on the electromagnetic spectrum. And as would be expected, the Cartel’s scientists and corporate media have ensured that whether or not T-rays severely damage biological systems is to be a controversial subject: this is the usual Cartel stratagem whenever their agenda is on shaky grounds.

Boian Aleandrov, of the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory, however, has a very decided opinion regarding the dangers of T-rays: He tells us that T-rays tear apart human DNA.

Alexandrov, and his team at Los Alamos, say that although the forces that T-rays exert are small, their resonant effects can “unzip” DNA strands,tearing them apart, thus creating bubbles in the strands that significantly interfere with gene expression and DNA replication. And whatever that means, it doesn’t sound good.

Moreover, it seems these T-ray scanners will be operated by non-healthcare,hourly wage-earners, not trained in radiation medicine or imaging. And who is to prevent massive radiation overdoses? What protection will be offered to pregnant women, children, or our reproductive organs?

If you are like me, it’s beginning to appear obvious that some power has far more interest in damaging our DNAs, than keeping us safe while flying.

World Views on 2012

There are striking parallels between a diversity of cultures relating to 2012 and there are many world views available to us.

Emissaries from many different traditions will speak about the beliefs & prophesies of their culture.

Hopi Predict a 25 yr period of purification

followed by End of Fourth World and beginning ofthe Fifth.

Mayans Call it the End days or the end of time as we know it.

Maoris Say that as the veils dissolve there will be a merging of the physical & spiritual worlds.

Zulu Believe that the whole world will be turned upside down.

Hindus Kali Yuga (end time of man). The Coming of Kalki & critical mass of Enlightened Ones.

Incas Call it the Age of Meeting Ourselves Again.

Aztec Call this the Time of the Sixth Sun. A time of transformation. Creation of new race.

Dogon Say that the spaceship of the visitors, the Nommo, will return in the form of a blue star

Pueblo Acknowledge itll be the emergence into the Fifth World

Cherokee – Their ancient calendar ends exactly at 2012 as does the Mayan calendar.

Tibetan Kalachakra teachings are prophesies left by Buddha predicting Coming of the Golden Age.

Egypt According to the Great Pyramid (stone calendar), present time cycle ends in year 2012 AD

What do you believe will happen in 2012…if anything?….or 2010 or 2013?

Will the morning of winter solstice 2012 appear like any other morning….

Will we experience ourselves as more expansive or telepathic?

”  ….a telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time” (Alice Bailey)

”….translation or dematerialisation to another sphere of the Universe” (Teilhard de Chardin)

”….A matter-antimatter implosion leaving a mutation of matter to photoniform. Our minds

will unite like the fragments of a hologram.” (Terence McKenna)

”….As the Schumann resonance increases to 13Hz, Gaia goes from Alpha to Beta frequency

& wakes up. Increasing tryptamine & beta-carboline neuro-chemistry allows us a telepathic

communion, as we become used to our light bodies in preparation for the magnetic pole

reversal when there will be a mass out-of-body-experience.” (Geoff Stray)

”….Evolutionary quantum leap. Human / ET interface & the arrival of a new species or kingdom on Earth.” (Jon King)

”…..In 2012, Earth’s axis will tilt, along with a polar reversal, causing terrestrial and celestial grids to re-align, the pineal eye will

perceive beyond ultraviolet,& we’ll ascend to the next dimension beyond time.” (Moira Timms)

”….The human race will unify as a single circuit. Solar & galactic sound transmissions will inundate the planetary field.

A current charging both poles will race across the skies, connecting the polar auroras in a single brilliant flash.” (Jose


”….A moment of quantum awakening. A nanosecond will be stretched into infinity and

become non-time, during which we will all experience full consciousness of who we are

and why we have incarnated. If we choose to  return to human form, we will do so in an

awakened state, as ‘reflective cells’ of the starmaker.” (Ken Carey)

Who You are!!

Choices not taken.

We have many choices not taken.

We have many paths not chosen or followed.

We have many ‘ What ifs ’ unanswered. We only pass this way once.

We should try to do the best we can for everybody.

We should try to leave some kind of mark to show we have passed this way.

We do not have to agree with everyone we meet. They do not have to agree with us.

We do not have to like everything we do, but try to do everything we like.

Try to walk a mile in my shoes before you criticize others.

G Quade