Women- Oxytocin Youself!

100 Ways for a Woman to Create Oxytocin for Herself

1. Get a massage

2. Get your hair done

3. Get a manicure or pedicure

4. Plan a Venus night out with the girls

5. Talk to a friend on the phone

6. Have a non-business related meal with friend

7. Cook a meal with a friend

8. Meditate while walking or do deep breathing while exercising.

9. Paint a room with family or friends.

10. Listen to music.

11. Sing in the shower.

12. Take singing lessons.

13. Sing in a group.

14. Take a scented bath.

15. Light candles at dinner.

16. Shop for fun with a friend.

17. Visit a day spa or take a spa vacation with friends.

18. Give yourself a facial.

19. Work out with a personal trainer.

20. Take a yoga class.

21. Take a dancing class.

22. Walk for at least an hour.

23. Schedule a regular walk-and-talk with a friend.

24. Prepare a meal for friends with a new baby.

25. Prepare a meal for friends that are sick.

26. Plant roses and other fragrant flowers.

27. Buy fresh-cut flowers for the home.

28. Grow and tend a vegetable garden.

29. Go to a farmer’s market.

30. Prepare a meal from your own garden or with locally grown produce.

31. Take a hike.

32. Camp out in a group.

33. Hold a baby.

34. Pet, hold, and care for a pet.

35. Take a “girlfriend getaway”.

36. Ask someone to carry something.

37. Ask for help.

38. Take time to browse in a bookstore with no agenda.

39. Read a good book.

40. Collect your friends’ best recipes.

41. Take a cooking class.

42. Get household help for cooking, cleaning up, shopping, and house care.

43. Hire a good handyman.

44. Plan fun family activities.

45. Make a meal a special occasion by using your best china and linens.

46. Participate in a parent Teacher Association Meeting.

47. Bake for fund-raisers.

48. Go to the theatre, concerts, and dance performances.

49. Have a picnic with friends and family.

53. Feed the hungry.

54. Read magazines about fashion and people.

55. Attend inspirational, spiritual, and religious gatherings regularly.

56. Keep updated on the lives of friends.

57. Watch your favorite TV show or DVD with a friend.

58. Listen to inspirational tapes or CDs.

59. Talk with or call a therapist or coach.

60. Study a new culture and taste its cuisine.

61. Spend time at the beach, a river, or a lake.

62. Learn to ski, play golf, or play tennis with friends.

63. Enjoy wine tasting with friends.

64. Demonstrate for a social or political cause.

65. Go to or participate in a parade.

66. Hire someone to help you remove the clutter from your house.

67. Offer to help a friend do something.

68. Take a class in nutrition, cooking, or wellness.

69. Read poetry, write poetry, and go to a poetry reading.

70. Get a bird feeder and enjoy the birds that come to feed.

71. Visit an art museum.

72. Go to a movie in the middle of the day.

73. Listen to an author speak at the local bookstore or library.

74. Keep a daily journal of your thoughts and feelings.

75. Knit a scarf for someone you love.

76. Organise a photo journal of your thoughts and feelings.

77. Create an e-mail list of friends to whom you can send recent pictures.

78. Ask them to reciprocate.

79. Create an e-mail list of friends with similar political views for mutual support.

80. Take a painting or sculpture class with a friend.

81. Meet friends for an espresso or cup of tea.

82. Make a charitable donation.

83. Reorganise your closet.

84. Change your hair color.

85. Buy a new outfit.

86. Shop for sexy lingerie.

87. Share a picture album with friends.

88. Join a gym.

89. Play cards with friends.

90. Learn and practice a new diet plan or cleansing program for better health.

91. Give your old clothes to charity.

92. Send birthday card.

93. Use household products that are good for the environment.

94. Prepare and freeze some meals for when you don’t feel like cooking or have time to cook.

95. Take flower-arranging class.

96. Volunteer at a local hospital or hospice.

97. Give a surprise party for a friend.

98. Give the books you have read to a hospital or the local library.

99. Babysit for a friend so that they can have some time off.

100. Take time out of your busy day to stretch.

101. Add your own: _____________________________

by Nadia Ansari


Tuning Forks or singing bowls are wonderful and simple ways to relax and get into the zone.


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