Easy Fat Control

When our protein intake goes up, our bodies let go of fat stores. When protein intake goes down, our bodies hold on to fat.

These commands are really that simple.

High protein = Dump fat

Low protein = Store fat

What does this have to do with survival?

When protein intake goes down, your body fears starvation and death. To help you survive, it stores fat and doesn’t let go.

This reaction developed as humans went through periods of feast and famine over thousands of generations.

But here’s the problem. In today’s world, we’re surrounded by food, but our bodies still react as if we’re starving.

All the low-protein chips, snacks, bread, and processed foods give our bodies the “fear of starvation” reaction.

That means your body is storing fat.

The easy solution is: Get more protein, and your body chooses the “dump fat” option.

But since we’re not living in the woods hunting our game anymore, here’s what to do:

Just add a couple scoops of protein powder to your favorite juice or even water.

It really is that simple.

But there is one catch. Most of the protein that you find out there comes from sick, diseased cows.

Imagine gulping down a concentrated cocktail of antibiotics, estrogen, and pesticides?

I have a better solution: organic, grass-fed whey protein powder.

This is the real stuff. Pure protein powder from free-roaming, grass-fed cattle.

This is the kind of protein that gets your body to hit the “dump fat” button.

from Dr. Alsears website

Also www.tonedmuscles.info

Country-Wide Economic Boycott

Join us in a country-wide economic boycott on the 15th of every month!

NO SHOPPING – Don’t buy anything from large corporations, online stores or fast food chains. If you need anything, then only use local family businesses.
USE CASH – Put away that credit card. When you are charged interest on your credit card, you are working to pay back money and interest on… money that NEVER EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. It was only ever just numbers on a computer.
IF YOU NEED FUEL … then buy petrol and diesel before the 15th or from small independent garages.

alert-15 @ live.com


Chemical Trails- Very Disturbing

This is for those who really find it hard to believe
that such a thing exists but it does.

It is very very disturbing but unfortunately true.
If anyone knows anyone who participates in this 
not knowing what it really is
or the affects it has on the populace,
please be sure to give them this knowledge
and perhaps they will understand
the enormity of it and refuse to participate.

Near 2 Home

The secret to getting more clients from your website

Near2Home LogoIf you’re not getting at least 66% of your new client enquiries from the internet then something is wrong. It’s not your fault though – the trouble with the internet is that it is a worldwide resource, and the visitors to your website can come from all over the world.

But the real problem is that most clients won’t travel more than 15 miles from their home to come and see you.

So how do you make sure that your website visitors are as local to you as possible?

Let me tell you what not to do.

Don’t waste your time changing a perfectly good website that you may already have for something different as this will not help. Don’t ask your web designer as this isn’t their area of expertise (they are paid for the time they spend on your website, not the number of local visitors that visit your website).

The answer is Near2Home – a new (and completely FREE) social network that lets you swap your out-of-town website traffic with other like-minded therapists around the world for the local customers that you want.

You simply put a special link on your website so that your out-of-town visitors can find someone local to them via the Near2Home network. For every 3 that do, you can get 2 local visitors back.

Find out more about how this works and get your free account here:


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