10 Commandments for Manifesting things.

It is easy.  We are doing it all the time. We were born from one sperm out of millions. We wake up everyday without too much effort, we sleep, we eat and do lots more effortlessly. That’s  Manifesting Unconsciously.

What is so different about making money and being famous?  I think it is because:

  1. These people focus more on what they want.
  2. They don’t accept defeat easily.  They keep going even though they have failed in the past,  just like a little kid trying to walk.
  3. They use creative visualisation.
  4. They use emotions to fuel their goals. See, feel and hear what it is like to have fame and fortune.
  5. They plan everyday, little things that they do to bring them nearer their goals.
  6. They are grateful and feel connected to a higher force and so they tend to give a % of their earnings to a good cause.
  7. They use leverage. Help from other people,  be it money, skills, knowledge or relationships.
  8. They use their intuition a  lot to guide them in their dealings.
  9. They are risk takers,  pushing the boundaries all the time.

I can’t think of the 10th.  Please e-mail me if you do know. Tx



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2 Responses

  1. #10 – They don’t “try”, they simply are “being”; and then in their beingness they are giving away their essence outward as it comes rushing back into them…

    Just stopped by to say “Hi”

    Nice blog,

    Best Regards,


    • Thank you for your comment. We are all experts at this but we just don’t know how to do it consciously and effortlessly. We are too busy having a go at how bad we are in this game and we are not taught enough. Dx

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