QXCI- Allegy Testing Device

The QXCI is a computerised system devised by ex-NASA computer programmer, Bill Nelson,  who now lives in Hungary.  He wanted to help his son who was autistic at the time develop like a normal child. He came up first with a device that was approved by the FDA. A few years later he decided that a machine can be made to rebalance the body’s wave patterns, and this is what the QXCI is.

We are energy beings and we are vibrating all the time and sometimes negative thoughts , vaccinations and events like traumas can tie knots in our energy systems, therefore producing illnesses, diseases and feelings of lethargy. We have a field around us that we can keep clean by meditating, doing cleansing exercises on a weekly basis, by praying or saying positive affirmations.

The QXCI has been programmed with over 7000 items which have turned into frequencies. The test only takes 3  minutes to see where the body is out of balance and how it can be helped to get back to normal.  The QXCI is not a medical diagnostic device,  it is a hint and suggestion device which can be used to get more information from the medical establishment.

The computer works at biological speed, there’s no interference from the therapist,  no muscle testing or probe point. The QXCI is an amazing tool which can strengthen the individual’s ability to get back to health quickly.

For a consultation, please contact Danielle on 01633 810126. For best results is is adviseable to have at least 3 sessions.