Letting go of pressure to have


1) Identify something that you want. This could be a thing, a new skill, a specific business result, a way of being, or whatever else you can think of .

2) Allow yourself to become ok with the idea of not getting it.

3) Get over it! Ask yourself “In 100 years, what difference will it make?”

4) Think of the goals you’ve set where you just knew it was going to happen…& then it did.

5) Think of an occasion where you wanted one thing, didn’t get it, then you got something even better.

6) Relax. Burning desires are tense, detachment is relaxed & open.

7) Put 100% awareness into what you’re doing.


Manifest Your Dreams with MindMovies

MindMovies is the newest tool to help you achieve your dreams easily.  It is a piece of software which you can use to build your dreams on video.  You can then add music if you want and the rest is magic.  Your subconscious mind does the work for you.  It is a way of programming your mind to do the things that you want not the other way round. I think it is $97 and it is cheap for what it can help you do quite quickly.

Watch MindMovies and see your dreams turn into reality!

In ‘Psychic Manifestation’ by Jim Francis, he states “If you can
develop ’emotional excitement’ about potential physical
constructions (such as events), then you will find it much easier
to manifest that which you desire.”

And that’s the key to Mind Movies…