Diabetes Help!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Stay away from starches. Starches are of little nutritional value. They convert to sugar. Your body stimulates too much insulin when you eat starches. Manufacturers are producing highly processed starches. If it is processed, don’t eat it. Processed foods often have harmful additives like sugar, preservatives, and other chemicals.

2. Eat foods low on the glycemic index. You can find a table of foods and their glycemic index at AlSearsMD.com. Foods with high glycemic indexes cause blood sugar levels to spike.

3. Eat plenty of protein. Your genes need the nutrients in protein. Lean protein like fish are chock full of nutrients. Protein will counteract the damage done by starches. The more protein you eat, the better.

4. Exercise large muscle groups. Concentrate on exercising the biggest muscles. Leg muscles are the largest. These hefty muscles burn excess sugar in the blood faster than any others. Plus, I’ve just learned about a new way to combat diabetes.

My colleagues at Health Sciences Institute (HSI) reported on a natural extract taken from a Japanese plant called konjac mannan that helps lower blood sugar naturally. It’s paired with a rare fiber that blocks sugar absorption. The research behind it is promising. In a 6-week study, every person had a drop in blood sugar. Some fell as many as 60 points.


Please let me know if Konjac mannan herb helps in any way. Dx