The BEE-ing Coaching programme

We have created the BEE-ing Attraction Planning Process;

a four step plan for shifting and attracting your business success. One of the many benefits of the BEE-ing Attraction Planning process is that it is highly effective in shifting old paradigms that represent who you have been in the past, © 2009 BEE-ing Attraction * web: *  and who you have to be in order to attract your desires.

It is the focus with a powerful belief that you will attract in accordance with your plan. In other words, when you write down your intentions on the plan, you bring attention to what you want to attract.

After you are clear about what you want to attract, then you declare who you have to BEE to attract what you have written on the plan. Clear and focused intentions together with your declaration of BEE-ing are energizing and other people can sense or feel the signal that is coming from you. That signal is similar to the way that a hummingbird is attracted to the sweet nectar in a bird feeder from miles away.

BEE-ing Attraction is about “BEE-ing” someone who attracts what you say you desire to have in your life. Many students of the BEE-ing Attraction Planning process have discovered that it wasn’t just another “to do” list! It was in fact a “to be” list! As much as we love the BEE there is another master of being we love…

Part 1: DESCRIBE the Qualities, Characteristics and Attributes of your Perfect Customer.
______________ (insert the type of relationship that you are attracting with
this plan).
Part 2: IDENTIFY what makes you and your perfect customer tick.
Part 3: SPECIFY what you want your perfect customers to expect of you.
Part 4: DECLARE who you get to BEE to attract what you say you want and
give this BEE-ing a title.