Saving lives

How The Tenth Became The First

How The Tenth Became The FirstIn the old days, few people anywhere in the world could read or write. In China, parents hoped they could make a little bit more money so they could send their sons to a teacher to learn how to read and write. If they studied very, very hard and passed the Imperial Examinations, they could win posts in the government. This brought respect, glory, and power to the whole family. However, the examinations were extremely difficult. Many students took the examinations over and over until they were old men, but never passed.

One year, the brothers Song Jiao and Song Ji went to the capital together to take the examinations. On the way, they met a monk, who looked carefully at Song Jiao and exclaimed, “I can tell by looking at your features that you have saved many, many lives. According to your original fortune, you should fail in the imperial examinations, but because you have saved so many lives, this year you will win the highest place in the entire empire. Let this poor monk be the first to congratulate this future official.”

Song Jiao thought this was strange. “When did I ever save many lives?”

The monk said, “Once you saved ants in distress.”

“What? You mean saving some measly ants means saving lives?”

“Exactly. All living creatures have lives and fates, even a bug as lowly as an ant. Your brother was originally destined to win the top score in these examinations, but you will not do worse than he.”

The Song brothers could hardly believe this. As they walked away, Song Ji asked Song Jiao, “Did you really save a bunch of ants?”

“Yes,” his brother answered, “Once I saw some ants about to get drowned, so I made a little bridge out of a piece of bamboo and they got away.”

The imperial examinations were more important to them than any ants or monk’s predictions, and they forgot all about it as they made their way to the capital and did their last minute cramming.

When all of the test papers had been graded, the results were announced to the Emperor. Song Ji had won the highest score in the entire empire. Song Jiao was in tenth place – of course this was also a very high score. The Emperor examined the list of the highest scores.

“This will not do,” the Emperor said, “Song Ji has won first place, ranking higher than his elder brother, Song Jiao. It is not natural for the younger brother to be exalted above the elder brother. Switch Song Jiao to the first place, and rank Song Ji tenth.”

The Emperor’s command was carried out. When the brothers heard about the switch, they remembered what the monk had said, and burst out laughing. On their way home to tell their parents the wonderful news about the examination, they made a special trip to give their thanks to the old monk, and compliment him on his wisdom.

Before long, the story spread all over China, and everyone knew about the brother who ants boosted to first place.

Free Intuition For Your Success!

The only reason why the vast majority of people don’t experience the extraordinary success that JK Rowling created is because they stay in reaction.

They don’t embody their failure because they don’t know they’re avoiding it and they don’t know how to ignite their imagination. In order to develop that clarity of mind and uncover the immense power of your imagination, the best thing you can do is to be trained in your intuition.

Developing your intuition will help you prevent any catastrophic failure because it will reveal what you’re avoiding and enable you to embrace it. In so doing you’ll create bedrock for yourself, just as JK Rowling did, which you can use as a launching pad for a new life transformed by your imagination.

  • A great first step you can take is to ask yourself the question; “What do I love?” and answer it without any concerns about how or when it’s going to happen or even if it’s possible. Share or capture whatever becomes obvious to you, then ask yourself,
  • What else do I love?” and keep asking yourself that question until momentum builds and you arrive at the ring of truth. You’ll know when you arrive at the ring of truth because there will be one thing you love that stands out and shines, one thing you love that makes your heart sing.
  • Once you arrive at that point then, ask yourself what the most obvious next step is you can take to create it and keep asking yourself that question until you arrive at the ring of truth again. for training, videos etc…